Tai Chi and Qi Gong are gentle yet powerful and integrative (mind, body, spirit) exercises that cultivate health, strength, balance, and longevity.

tai chi in park

Regular practice of Tai Chi and Qi Gong strengthens both the gross and postural muscles, fosters mental and emotional calm and when practiced outdoors, cultivates a healing spiritual connection between nature and the practitioner.

Attending Kazi’s Tai Chi class has been a big help with my foot. Before I was limping like an old woman, but now, everybody noticed that I walk straight. It also helped with my stress level at work. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of your class.
~Lourdes Bernardino
Fiscal Analyst

Research on Tai Chi continues to discover new health benefits.
In a study of adults diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, those who participated in a supervised tai chi exercise program two days a week with three days of home practice for six months significantly lowered their fasting blood glucose levels, improved their management of the disease, and enhanced their overall quality of life, including mental health, vitality and energy.
~Tai chi can help people with diabetes lower glucose levels.

Tai Chi in park

On and off for the last few years, I’ve taken several different sessions with two other teachers but was not content with the results. My personal goals were to achieve balance, flexibility, and positivity in my life. This was accomplished due to Kazi’s methodical technique of teaching. Surprisingly by the end of the summer session, I was able to complete the short form on my own. Success!


Safe – Effective – Efficient

Tai Chi is an excellent exercise for the elderly and those who shy away from strenuous activity.

Unlike more ballistic exercises that can easily lead to injury if performed incorrectly or too frequently, Tai Chi and Qi Gong can be practiced daily or several times daily without risk. The more consistent the practice, the more consistent the benefits.

“Tai chi is a very interesting form of training because it combines a low-intensity aerobic exercise with a complex, learned, motor sequence. Meditation, motor learning, and attentional focus have all been shown in numerous studies to be associated with training- “related changes—including, in some cases, changes in actual brain structure—in specific cortical regions.”
~Catherine Kerr Harvard Medical School

“I am a first timer practicing Tai Chi and have been at it for a year. I started after recovering from a back ailment and was looking for some form of exercise.  Tai Chi provided me with an exercise I could do. It strengthened me physically, without overexerting. The breathing exercises and meditation provided a  further sense of relaxation and peace that relieved my stress. The way Kazi breaks down the movements and explains them makes it very easy to follow. I would recommend Kazi’s Tai Chi class to any and everyone.
~Gail Barkley

How will Tai Chi – Qi Gong help me?

Tai Chi Meditation

-reduce blood glucose levels

-improve immune function

-reduce inflammation

-improved balance and mobility

-increase bone density

-reduce blood pressure

-improve lower body strength

-cultivate stress resilience

-improve proprioception

-improve posture

-increase vitality

-reduce anxiety and depression

-minimize the risk of falls in the elderly

I had practiced Tai Chi before at my gym, but it was harder to retain the movements as taught by my previous instructor.  Kazi guided us through our form at a pace that allowed for appropriate repetition with steady progression, such that we learned new material and retained what we learned.  I still practice my Tai Chi form today!  I really enjoyed learning Tai Chi with Kazi and recommend his class to anyone looking to take up the practice.
~William Pollak, Sr.
Advisor at Dell

All Tai Chi – Qi Gong lessons are delivered in the privacy of your home, office or your chosen outdoor space. I come to you!

I offer Tai Chi/Qi Gong in 8 and 12 Session Packages and encourage meeting one to two days per week.

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