Take A Deep Breath

One of the primary goals of this medium is to promote, share, and guide soul seekers through the process of finding and holding to your spiritual center. The word “spirit”  comes to us from the Latin ‘spiritus’, and translate as breath, breath of God, breath of life.


The breath is Alpha and Omega.

The drawing and expelling of breath mark the exact beginning and ending of our earthly life. It also marks every moment in-between those great doors of initiation. The Abrahamic scriptures inform us that “God breathed his breath into man”.

And so, spiritus implies more than breath, it is the life breath or life force.

Our breath also as the switch that allows us to alternate between manual and automatic mind.

We believe this breath of life revitalizes and encourages the peace and wisdom of the soul.

It is to the breath that we turn when the demons of doubt, anger, pride, fear, envy appear.

And so, becoming intimate with breath is core to the spirit-centered life.

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