• Kazi is available to train your staff and members in:

Stress Resilience
tune up your bounce-back-ability

Stress is an unavoidable effect of life.  Your attendees  will learn how to cultivate their bodies ability to adapt to and recover from  life’s challenging encounters. using:

breathing, posture, attitude, stretching,  sound, movement,  touch,  and other ancient-future  power tools to promote health and healing.

8/30 min. sessions
12/20 min.  sessions

I used Mr. Ib’nallah Kazi for wellness seminars for 5 months. He is a very kind and caring man who is an excellent Tai Chi instructor. He works with all levels of clients and makes them fell at home no matter their skill level. His classes were both enjoyable and centering. I plan on using him again for another wellness based program and would highly recommend him as an instructor.

Linda Reynolds, LCSW, Director of Ambulatory Adult Psychiatry  Services,  Trinitas Regional Medical Center, Elizabeth, NJ.

Medicine Movement
Qi Gong, Tai Chi, Yara, and stretching

Learn to reduce excess tension and supplement deficient strength with gentle exercises using posture, movement, breathing and focus.

tai chi8/30 min. sessions
12/20 mvvin.  sessions

Kazi is a great Tai Chi instructor. Our members love his gentle and calm nature that allows them to meditate use their bodies and breath to release all the stresses of the day. He has been working with our members for 1 year now and they look forward to his classes. I highly recommend Kazi’s services.

Natasha Mohan, Founder, WorkSocial
New Jersey Leader of CoWorking Spaces | Virtual Offices | Training Venues

Meditation Medicine
for focus, creativity and health12/20 min.  sessions

I worked with Kazi in Newark at Military Park in 2016. I coordinate the free public programs that are offered at Military Park, and Kazi was a great program partner to work with. He was instrumental in attracting the Newark community to Military Park when it reopened in 2014 after some renovations. Since then, Kazi has led weekly Tai Chi classes in the park for the Newark community and he did a great job. Kazi was always on time, had a smile on his face, and was ready to help community members enjoy their lunch break with some Tai Chi. I would definitely recommend Kazi as a Tai Chi instructor.

Katie Shepard, Project Analyst, Biederman Redevelopment Ventures Corp.

Contact Kazi at 862-235-0557 to discuss bringing wellness training to your site.