The Spirit-Centered Life is an invitation to step onto the rightly guided path of your heart.

By exorcising the ghost of bad decisions, past trauma and expired beliefs, you free up the spiritual energy required to transform your fears into focused clarity, stress into strength and dis-ease into health.

Our offerings are for mature seekers.

Have you finally moved beyond being content with your discontent? Are you ready to sow and harvest the seeds of self-love via self-care?

Regardless of your chosen religion or lack thereof,

Our aim is to assist you in gracefully re-integrating your body, heart, and soul, into a unified and optimally functioning ‘Whole’, ready and able to respectfully respond to the challenges of nature, society, and your soul-specific needs.

To assist you in cultivating your spirit-centered lifestyle we may employ:

meditation, prayer, qi gong, breathwork, graceful movement, bodywork, diet, soul-specific herbs, baths, oils, wilderness retreat, artwork, celebration, age-specific rites, dance, music, healing rituals, and more.

Your dissatisfaction has initiated your personal quest for change.

It’s time to step out on faith. I’m here to help!

Kazi 862.235.0557